Food at School

ISA Tianhe’s canteen offers healthy and high-quality lunches, which take into consideration Chinese and Western preferences. Lunch is presented as a buffet-style meal with a number of options caterings to all tastes, with new offerings every week. Variety, taste and nutrition are emphasised so that students can choose according to their own preferences. The canteen also provides snacks for students in the morning and afternoon, including fruit, bread, cookies, yogurt, and juice.

Parents can prepare lunches for their children to bring to school if they wish. Homeroom teachers and associate teachers will assist them in warming their food. ISA Tianhe encourages students to eat without assistance, aiding the development of healthy eating habits and manners. However, teachers are able to provide assistance to our 2- and 3-year-old students if required.

Teachers remind students to drink plenty of water, especially during their outdoor activities and also during PE class. Students are also expected to refill their water bottles after use.

ISA Tianhe students are not allowed to bring snacks such as candy, chips, or cookies to school. Healthy snacks are available from the canteen in the morning and afternoon.


ISA Tianhe students are required to wear school uniforms on school days and wear their sports uniform in PE class. Wearing a uniform helps to develop a team spirit and a collective sense of honour whilst also enhancing the image of the school.

Parents are responsible for ensuring uniforms are clean and well-maintained, as well as to aid in teaching children the importance of wearing the uniform correctly and respectfully.


ISA Tianhe does not provide student accommodation.

ISA Tianhe provides a comfortable environment for the students in Early Years to have an afternoon nap. Fixed bedding with identification tags is provided for each student, with afternoon nap bedding regularly sent to a professional cleaning company for thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Primary students may choose to read in the library, practice musical instruments in the music rooms, have fun on the playground or rest in their classrooms after lunch.

Getting to and from School

ISA Tianhe provides numerous school bus routes. All buses have bus supervisors. Please contact the school for a current list of routes and stops. Parents are required to pick up their child/children using a pick-up card at the scheduled time and station.

Parents may pick up their child/children directly from the school using a pick-up card during school time and when school is finished. Drop-off time is 8.30am and pick-up time is 4pm.

School Safety

The school employs a full-time professional nurse. If a student has any particular medication needs, parents need to provide our nurse with clinical information. If emergency situations arise, the nurse will deal with students in the first instance, and immediately inform the parents and Head of School. A vehicle will also be ready to send the student to the hospital if necessary, with a member of school staff accompanying the child.

ISA Tianhe is equipped with CCTV cameras in every classroom and within other areas of the school in order to facilitate a safe school environment. Parents are not permitted to watch the CCTV footage due to student privacy.

ISA Tianhe is equipped with professional security guards to ensure the safety of our students. Security guards are responsible for supervising students getting in and out of the school safely every day. Students are not allowed to leave the school unless the identity of the adults who pick them up has been checked (normally the adult needs to provide a pick-up card) by our security guards. The security guards also help students get on and off the school buses and direct traffic around the campus.

The PYP course encourages students to use proper tools to explore the world around them. As a result, the use of scissors is allowed in school under the supervision and instruction of a teacher.

Parent-School Communication

ISA Tianhe uses a number of methods to foster parent-school communication, including online and social media platforms. Every class has a class WeChat that is used to communicate official class notices to parents. We encourage parents to contact their child’s homeroom teacher directly if they have any questions.

Parents are able to make an appointment to meet teachers if needed. At times teachers may be unable to promptly reply to parents due to their teaching schedule, they can only respond during breaks or after classes.

Parents can not only communicate with the classroom teachers using the communication tools mentioned, any questions and suggestions concerning the school, and the teaching methods used may be made to the Parent Help Centre. The Parent Help Centre will convey parent's suggestions and concerns to the related department, and school leaders for any related follow up and feedback.

ISA Tianhe encourages parents to join the parent seminars, PYP exhibitions, student-led conferences and other activities hosted by the school. Students are fully encouraged to share their school learning with their parents as this allows parents to better understand their child's progress and educational achievements.

School Hours and Holidays

Our school hours begin at 8.30am and finish at 4.10pm from Monday to Friday. Our Early Years students have a lunch break and nap from 11.30am-13.45pm, during which students are able to eat lunch and relax. Primary students have a lunch break from 12.10pm-13.10pm when they can eat lunch, as well as engage in activities such as visiting the library, practicing an instrument or playing on the playground.

The ISA Tianhe school year is divided into two semesters. The Autumn semester spans from the beginning of the school year up until the onset of the Lunar Spring Festival. The Spring semester runs from the Lunar Spring Festival until the end of June.