Our Campus


The ISA Tianhe campus is strategically located in Guangzhou’s Redtory Art and Design Complex, along the Pearl River. Being situated in Guangzhou’s Central Arts District comes with a multitude of advantages. The campus and surrounding region, although modern, retains elements of its history as a canning factory.


Walking through the campus, a welcoming, homely atmosphere is certainly present. We pride ourselves on a sense of community created within our school grounds, and we aim to ensure our students arrive home in the evenings with a warm, loved feeling as a result of the wonderful learning environment created.


Our campus is designed to maximise the learning potential of our students. Equipped with the tools and facilities required for a balanced, holistic education, ISA Tianhe strives to accommodate our students’ needs not only in the classroom but beyond.


Our sporting grounds, featuring a large multi-purpose indoor hall with 5 badminton courts and outdoor football field with artificial turf, enables our students to engage in a wide range of sporting activities. Tianhe also features a swimming pool to allow water-based learning for all of our students.


Hosting over 12,000 books, our library boasts a large range of literature written in a variety of languages. Weekly class visits to the library ensures students are able to make full use of the resources available, and are encouraged to regularly borrow and bring books home. Through using the library, ISA Tianhe students continually develop as inquirers to read both for enjoyment and to deepen their subject knowledge.


Not only does our campus provide excellent opportunity for developing our students’ development in the Arts, but the location of our campus lends itself wonderfully to nurturing an appreciation for a wide range of art forms. Activities in which students explore the Arts and Design complex surrounding the school promotes curiosity and creativity in their own work.