The ISA International Education Group was founded by senior education experts from many of the world’s top international education groups. The expert team comes from prestigious schools in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China and China Hong Kong. Among them are leaders in the education industry who have held key positions such as principals and education directors in schools such as Wesley, Harrow School, Singapore UWC, Chinese International School, and English Schools Foundation.

ISAIEG is committed to establishing the world's top international education, providing students, parents, and teachers from many countries with a multicultural campus environment. At present, ISAIEG has two international schools (ISA Tianhe and ISA Science City), and one ISA Wenhua International Centre (ISA Wenhua Guangzhou Foreign Language School IB Programme, ISA Wenhua International Centre for A Level, Arts and AP). In addition, opening in 2022 are ISA Wuhan School and ISA Liwan School. Among them, ISA Tianhe was listed in the Hurun Education Top 20 international schools in China 2021.

In future years, ISA plans to establish a few international schools in China and abroad to realize a global strategic plan. This will share with families around the world the educational idea of "Holistic education, lifelong learning and cultivating globally cooperation and competitive citizens of the world". ISA is making every effort to build high-quality schools and a diversified education system and accompanying services to provide parents and their children with range of choices of high-quality education services.