Health and Physical Education


In Health and Physical Education at ISA Tianhe, students learn about their own well-being, and that of others and society, in health-related and movement contexts. Our Health and Physical Education curriculum seeks to instil skills such as collaboration, teamwork, resilience and commitment in students. Integrity, respect, and a sense of fairness are additionally vital development areas that arise from participating in PE.

Early Years PE at ISA Tianhe utilises a ‘carousel’ method, enabling pupils to access a variety of activities, thus enhancing their capabilities across a range of skills. The activities within the carousel will primarily be multi-skill activities. Multi-skills enables the teacher to provide a wide range of non-sport specific games and activities, which allow the pupils to develop their skills and attributes. These can then be applied to a range of sports.


Primary PE includes striking and fielding, multi-skills, movement composition, games (moving and handling, invasion, and net), as well as athletics. The PE curriculum is designed to assist students develop their physical, technical, tactical, mental, and personal-social skills, and develop an appreciation and understanding of physical activity.