A non-refundable Application Fee of 1200 RMB is paid for the processing of every student’s application. Payment of the Application Fee does not constitute enrollment of the prospective student.


Amounts in RMB:

EY1: 156,000 RMB/year

EY2-EY4: 164,000 RMB/year

Y1-Y5: 177,000 RMB/year



  • Fees are paid once annually or by semester

  • The Tuition Fee is invoiced by semester

  • A full semester payment is due in advance for any attendance in a given semester

  • Students who enroll mid-semester are invoiced on a pro-rata (month-by-month) basis

  • The discount for a second child is 5%. The discount for a third, or subsequent child is 10%


Other Costs

Lunch Fee: Optional for all students. Lunch fee can be prepaid and included in the Tuition Fees statement. 7200 RMB/year.


Transportation Fees: Transportation is optional, and the cost is determined based on the distanced travelled, ranging 9000-12600 RMB/year. Transportation Fees are paid once annually or per semester.

Uniform: Uniform items may be purchased at school, as per the information on this document.

Voluntary Withdrawal: Voluntary withdrawal of a student before or during the academic year requires at least three months’ notice in writing to the school or the payment of three months of Tuition Fees at the time of notice.

Late & Non-Payment: Payment received after the above due date will be subject to a late fee of 2% on the outstanding amount.


Refund: Tuition Fees can only be refunded on a semester basis. A written notification of student withdrawal is required at the time of application for the refund of the school fees already paid.