Early Years

ISA Tianhe International School offers a rigorous and balanced Early Years curriculum. The EYFS learning outcomes, UK standards and IB Framework are mapped across the academic year to ensure all areas of the teaching and learning are covered, aiming to enable students to learn and develop their own knowledge, concepts, skills and attributes, preparing them for the IB PYP (Primary Years Programme). This framework integrates the characteristics of English language curriculum and traditional Chinese culture. Our programme emphasises the personal, social, emotional, physical, and linguistic development of our students. We use UK National Curriculum standards and concepts for lesson planning, whilst the IB framework acts as a guide for inquiry learning and developing independence.

​ISA Tianhe's Early Years programme reflects the best practice in early years teaching. With plenty of opportunities to learn through play, we also facilitate a structured learning approach with early leteracy and numeracy being integral parts of the programme. Chinese is the specialist language and is integrated into the programme, forming a core aspect of the curriculum. All lessons are taught in English apart from Chinese and Mother Tongue classes. 

ISA Tianhe places a strong emphasis on learning languages. All students have five hours of English Literacy and four hours of Chinese lessons per week. Students also have four hours of Elective Language tuition. Students can choose to do Chinese, English as Additional Language (EAL) or Mother Tongue lessons.

The school offers safe and spacious learning environments which are designed specially to meet the needs of young learners. Our classrooms are well-resourced with age-appropriate equipment and materials, and modern teaching and learning technology. The school is staffed with exceptional teachers and support staff who have your child’s best interests at heart. The maximum number of students in each class is twenty. Each class consists of a foreign teacher as its homeroom teacher, a bilingual associate teacher and a classroom assistant.