We believe that the hallmark of a high-quality school is a rich co-curricular programme. Having a wide spectrum of activities working in tandem with academic curricula greatly enhances school life. It is our belief that a successful co-curricular programme is one that offers rich experiences, enhances student wellbeing and provides student leadership opportunities.


Our co-curricular programmes cover sports, art, science and technology, hobbies and academic subjects. It is our hope that the range of activities available will develop students’ interests in a multitude of ways. While the activities on offer change from year to year, through cooperating with partner organisations, we are able to provide exciting, fun programmes to get involved in. Activities on offer in the past have included drama, LEGO, golf, crafting, basketball, music and more, meaning there is certainly an activity that will appeal to every student. Activities are usually held from 2-4pm on Thursday afternoons. On weekends, ISA Tianhe is transformed into a co-curricular hub with community experts leading groups of students in a range of activities, including ballet, football, drama, fencing, and karate.


Students are given opportunities to develop leadership skills whenever possible as part of their selected activity, with three formal leadership roles offered for each activity: Captain, Vice-Captain, and Secretary. Other co-curricular opportunities are presented throughout the school year, such as school camps, mathematics Olympiads, and choir tours. These enrich students’ lives and provide a platform for our students to showcase their talents.