The Arts

ISA Tianhe offers weekly, one-hour specialist Art classes for PYP students. In Visual Arts, students explore two and three-dimensional forms through Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Photography. They learn both technical and material practice in conjunction with the study of Artists and Artworks. Students keep a Visual Arts Process Journal in which they experiment and develop their understanding of the elements of art – line, form, tone, colour, texture and space. Subject matter is varied and ranges from portraiture, natural environment, man-made environments, personal identity, living things, artworks and movements in the art world, and appropriation of artists. Students work on both individual and collaborative art projects.



Music education begins in Early Years, allowing students to develop an appreciation and love for music whilst also improving their musical skills. Weekly specialist music classes are offered, where students explore performing (vocal and instrumental), improvising and composing, and develop their aural awareness of the elements of music – pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure. Education in Music greatly enhances students’ understanding and achievement in a range of non-musical subjects, both through fostering children’s natural social tendencies and by honing their time management and discipline skills. Students learn collaboration by performing in large and small ensembles, as well as having the opportunity to offer solo performances. They investigate a broad range of styles from various cultural traditions around the world, different historical periods, and contrasting genres with the aim to develop their overall awareness, understanding and appreciation of music.